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Agent Matchmaker Service

Let Us Find Your Perfect Real Estate Agent Match!

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Get matched

What started out as just a small referral service for clients and friends moving out of town has grown to include ANYONE interested in being "matched" with an agent in the U.S. We have a network of outstanding agents across the country. You give us the details and we go to work! We conduct the search and interviews to find what we believe is your perfect match. Our service is free to you and there is no obligation, no contract. Just great service with a virtual handshake :-)) Our track record is 100% satisfaction and we want to keep that number going!  

Tell us the details

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you give us the details and we listen and take notes. Share with us any experiences you have had with agents and/or transactions in the past and what you liked and didn't like. We also include some questions about your personality and preferences so we can factor that into the agent selection process.

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The interview

We actually call and interview these agents, yes you heard that isn't a google search, email or a text that is the determining factor, it is THE interview. We drill it up a level and talk with their team leader/office manager and down a level and talk to their clients too! Once we find your match we contact you with details and next steps. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to get matched? You will find this new, better way to find a real estate agent

a refreshing change. This service is elevated beyond what you can do (or want to do) on your own and has consistently produced great results. You will never google search for an agent on your own again!

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