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20% Down Payment Assistance Program

California Dream For All - Shared Appreciation Loan 2023

Image by Kostiantyn Li

California "Dream For All" Loan LIMITED TIME ONLY!

NEW! Effective March 27,2023 California Housing Finance Agency will assist qualified home buyers with up to 20% down payment and/or closing costs at ZERO interest and NO payments for 30 years! Yes, you heard me right! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to avoid PMI, buy when you don't have the down payment saved or if you want to use your cash for something else! We have heard there is 300 million set aside for this program which allows approximately 2300 homes to be sold through this program in the entire state so this program appears to be offered for a limited time.


If you or someone you know is interested, contact me today!

Couple on Date

No Interest / No Payments

This is a shared appreciation homebuyer assistance program that provides 20% down payment, in the form of a silent second loan. This is for first time home buyers which can be defined as someone that hasn't owned a primary residence for 3 years and/or a true first time home buyer. This silent second loan has no interest and no payments due for 30 years. The repayment is due upon sale or transfer of the home, or if the borrower refinances then the loan is due UNLESS the refinance is to reduce the interest rate and then there is a ONE TIME exception.

Shared Appreciation

Shared appreciation means that since the Cal HFA is partnering in your ability to purchase a home they are structuring a situation that should be win-win for all. Your home should build appreciation over time and when the time comes to sell, move (this is for owner occupied homes) or if you refinance outside of the 1 time exception then they are due the repayment of the loan and a portion of the appreciation which is determined based on income. For moderate income household it is an 80/20 split (20% to state) and for low income it is a 85/15 split (15% to state). There is a cap too on the shared appreciation portion of the payback.

Cooking Together

Eligibility & Criteria

A few of the topline requirements (not all) are itemized below so contact us today for more information and to get pre-qualified!

Minimum credit score - 680

Maximum household income - $211,000

Single Family, Condo, Townhome or Manufactured Home

One year home warranty on home

CalHFA education course

Must be used with CALHFA DFA Conventional 1st loan

Non-occupied co-signers are not allowed

Cannot be combined with some other programs 

I'm Interested, Next Steps

If you are interested in knowing more and exploring the possibility of taking advantage of this program then we should talk. Let's determine if this is a good fit for both your short and long term goals. The next step is a "Strategy Session" and you will leave that conversation with answers to your questions, insight into the local market and what to expect as we embark on your journey to homeownership.  

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